What people say about us

Our guests

People in this place doing an amazing job for homeless people. This people I tell you have a BIG heart… BIG patience honestly BIG heart.

Thank you so much for everything. I would have died out there.

When I lost my job I had no money to pay my rent. The Day Shelter told me about the project. The first time I came I found everyone really friendly. They asked me if I was hungry and gave me something to drink. I have had a bed every night since the 3rd of January. Without the project I would have been hungry, cold and probably very ill. They have been very gentle, they have helped me in many ways. Having people around me gives me good spirit.

I thank you all very much and God Bless.

If it were not for Inn Churches I would still have been sleeping in the blue bin outside Natwest Bank.

This is a fantastic place, and the people who run this place are great. I have been treated fantastically by all the volunteers. I couldn’t think of any better people to help me. I am very emotional writing this down because I think the world of you all, I am crying… you know it’s just… Thank you very much.

Our partners

I really do admire the work of Inn Churches. It’s effective, It’s innovative and works to tackle the roots of poverty, vulnerability and homelessness. They are such an asset to our city and district and I commend them to all who wish to get involved
Gareth Jones

Inn Churches is much needed service, providing help to the homeless and those in poverty. Its great to be able to work alongside another charity who share our heart to reach out to the poor and needy in our very own city. Keep up the good work guys.
Lisa Seale, Bradford Central Foodbank

Inn Churches are an amazing organisation who work in partnership with us on a regular basis. They always have a flexible, forward-thinking and innovative approach. They treat each person they support with care and professionalism. A truly dedicated staff team ensure that people have the opportunity to make life changes moving them away from the traps of poverty. They give their clients a belief that things can be different.
Ruth Davidson, Hope Housing

Having worked with in partnership with Inn Churches on several projects over several years, I have found them to be a very proactive and engaging organisation. They prioritise needs of their service users and tailor support accordingly. I know that when I connect a vulnerable service user to Inn Churches they will prioritise their need and work flexibly to maximise the impact of their support. Having also visited their recent Storehouse project I have been very impressed with their approach to supporting vulnerable people in an inclusive way, whilst also using a sustainable working model with huge potential. Ultimately working towards individuals supporting themselves in the long term, they are a very forward thinking organisation delivering practical results and  positive outcomes.
David D’Arcy, Access and Partnerships Development Lead, The Carers’ Resources

I first became aware of Inn Churches three years ago when I met Juli. I’m sure we have all said to ourselves in the past, ‘someone should do something about that awful situation’. Well Juli is that ‘someone. She is that rare person who sees problems in our society and actually does something about it. Inn Churches as a charity clearly demonstrates all those values and is making an amazing difference to the plight of the poverty-stricken and the homeless in Bradford and Calderdale. It is a ‘hands on’ charity which really gets to the heart of the problems experienced by the less fortunate in society. What I find particularly impressive is the way in which opportunities such as The Storehouse Project are grasped wholeheartedly and become such an important part of the way in which communities feed themselves. I have no hesitation in supporting Inn Churches both personally and through the work of Rotary, as Inn Churches will become our designated Charity of the Year.
Caroline Murie, President Elect, Bradford Bronte Rotary Club