Kitchen takeover

Tuesday 21st April 2017

On Friday 21st April we’ll be taking over the Bradford Brewery kitchen, and serving up a chilli and cornbread night – as always, using intercepted ‘waste’ food. Come along and enjoy Bradford Brewery’s fine ales, along with our delicious cooking. Food will be served on a pay-as-you-feel basis (and there’s no charge for admission), with all donations supporting our work helping those on the margins of society who are struggling to feed and house themselves.

Doors open at 5.30pm at Bradford Brewery, 22 Rawson Road, Bradford, BD1 3SQ. See you there!


Friday 5th May 2017

The Rotary Club of Bradford Bronté are raising money for The Storehouse with their exciting Sheep-Stakes event.

Sheep-Stakes is VERY loosely based on ‘One Man an his Dog’. You’ve heard of horse racing, camel racing, maybe even pig racing… well sheep racing is the Next Big Thing! Using all your skills, all you have to do is get your sheep back to the pen first… Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense on the night.

Come along for a fun night to Northcliffe Golf Club, Shipley, from 7pm on Friday 5th May. Tickets are £10 (including a meal) and all proceeds go to supporting our work in the Storehouse. Contact to book or for more information.

Sheep-Stakes event details

Bradford Clubhouse

A Clubhouse is a mental health rehabilitation centre where people join as members, run the clubhouse and get into employment. We’re partnering with Brium to establish a Clubhouse in Bradford – the start-up group meets at the Storehouse, visit the Brium Facebook page for dates..

Bradford SOUP

The aim of Bradford SOUP is to change Bradford for the better by bringing together members of your community to pitch their ideas for improving our city – from art to social entrepreneurship, from urban agriculture to justice. Bradford SOUP takes place quarterly at the Storehouse on a Thursday.

Visit the Bradford SOUP website for details of the next event or to book.

Next event: Thursday 18th May 2017.