Regular events

Bradford Clubhouse

A Clubhouse is a mental health rehabilitation centre where people join as members, run the clubhouse and get into employment. We’re partnering with Brium to establish a Clubhouse in Bradford – the start-up group meets at the Storehouse, visit the Brium Facebook page for dates..

Bradford SOUP

The aim of Bradford SOUP is to change Bradford for the better by bringing together members of your community to pitch their ideas for improving our city – from art to social entrepreneurship, from urban agriculture to justice. Bradford SOUP takes place quarterly at the Storehouse on a Thursday.

Visit the Bradford SOUP website for details of the next event or to book.

Next event: Thursday 17th May 2018.

Santa and Judy’s Craft Sessions

Come along and have a go at handy crafts and sewing. Wednesdays, 10am-12noon at the Storehouse, no charge.