Experience: I crossed the Alps on a space hopper

I bought an original 1970s hopper on eBay and practicsed on a nearby hill

At the start of 2015, my life unexpectedly went belly up. Within the space of three months, my father died, I was made redundant, I split up with my fiancee and I was diagnosed with leukemia. It wasan awful time, but once I had sold our home, I started to think about how I could turn my misfortune into an opportunity. With no job, house or relationship, I had the time to do anything I wanted. That is how I ended up spending several months researching and re-enacting a 14th-century pilgrimage.

I am not religious, but I thought a 200-mile walk across southern England would give me time away from my troubles and help me decide where my life was going. The experience was so fulfilling I made a second trip the following winter, travellingthrough Wales in a coracle.

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

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