Welfare support referral form

Please use this referral form to refer individuals into our Starter Pack or Acts435 services.

Starter packs are for individuals (not families) moving into tenancies from hostels or the streets, and contain bedding and household items. Once a successful referral has been confirmed, they must be collected from The Storehouse by the referring agent (not the applicant).

Find out more about Starter Packs.

Acts435 grants are small crowd-funded grants of up to £120 towards household equipment, white goods, furnishings, debt relief order fees or other specific and urgent needs. Because they are crowd funded, they may not be fulfilled immediately or at all. Successful grants will either be made in cash to be collected from The Storehouse by the referring agent (not the applicant), or by Inn Churches purchasing the required item(s) for delivery direct to the applicant.

Find out more about Acts435 grants.

Please note that starter packs and Acts435 grants are only available once to any individual.

Warm Homes Healthy People provides help and support to keep warm and healthy in your home, from advice and energy saving devices, to bedding and food parcels. You can make referrals or refer yourself to this service on the WHHP referral site.

This form should be completed by an individual working at a recognised referring organisation (the "referring agent") on behalf of the intended recipient (the "applicant").

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Please note that Starter Packs are for individuals, not families. Pack contents may vary due to availability and may include good quality donated items.


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