How to help homeless people – without feeding a habit

A new scheme called Greater Change lets homeless people crowdfund for concrete goals using a QR code and app. Is this the answer to giving in a cashless society?

We’ve all been there. A guy – almost invariably it is a guy – enters your train carriage and announces to anyone who will listen that he is down on his luck, needs a few quid to get a hostel for the night, wasn’t always like this, is trying to get back to some semblance of normality. But is he? Will he use the money for food and lodging, or will it go on drink and drugs – the next shot to get him through the darkness?

The Labour politician Roy Hattersley said it didn’t matter – you should give to someone in need regardless – but many people like to know that the money they are giving won’t fund addictions; that their donation is part of the solution, not feeding the problem. Which is where a new scheme called Greater Change, which is being piloted in Oxford, comes in. It aims to solve two problems: how to enable people to give in an increasingly cashless society; and, perhaps more importantly, how to guarantee that the money being given goes to a concrete objective aimed at getting homeless people back on their feet.

McCallion has a vision of ​homeless people becoming ​​akin to chuggers, but ​​this is a long way ​off

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

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