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UK asylum seekers who face destitution 'wait months' for support

Charity criticises government over delays in official help for those claiming asylum

Asylum seekers deemed to be facing imminent destitution are still being forced to wait months for government support, a leading charity has warned.

A person who has claimed asylum can receive financial support – £5.39 a day – and accommodation within 14 days if they are considered to be destitute or facing destitution under current legislation.

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

We need more public toilets. Too many people are squatting between parked cars | Lezlie Lowe

If we are to improve health, happiness, and inclusivity, we must upgrade our crappy public toilet system

Public bathrooms are an invitation to participate in urban life — a signal of welcome even more important than parks and benches and trash cans. Those pieces of urban infrastructure we can manage without. Public bathrooms? No one can stay long in any place without one. So how is it that we have such a hard time getting public bathrooms right?

Because there’s accessibility. And then there’s accessibility.

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

Novichok fear sends chill through Salisbury’s homeless

Outside the hostel where the latest victims of poisoning were well known, the tourist city reveals its darker side

A short walk from Salisbury’s medieval cathedral and narrow lanes of boutique shops, a group of restless homeless people are gathering outside the city’s only remaining hostel in the searing heat of the sun.

Josh Harris has little more than his tracksuit bottoms and his beloved dog. Everything else he owns is inside the John Baker House hostel, which was suddenly evacuated on Thursday as authorities rushed to cordon off areas frequented by the couple at the centre of Salisbury’s latest nerve agent poisoning.

Forensic investigations continue, and police are trawling through 1,300 hours of CCTV footage

Some might say this is a genteel, picture-postcard sort of place but we have the same challenges as other urban areas

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

Almost 400 people sleeping rough in Melbourne each night, survey finds

The biannual survey of the city’s homeless was expanded this year to take in five council areas in total

Almost 400 people were sleeping rough on Melbourne’s streets last month, according to a survey conducted in inner city council areas.

The survey was conducted by 400 volunteers on 19 June. They recorded 392 people sleeping across five local government areas, with the majority – 279 people – within the City of Melbourne.

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Out knocking on doors in Brighton East and Hampton, letting hundreds of residents know that an elected Liberal Government will close the temporary housing facility for rough sleepers at 226 South Road, and then sell the site. #SpringSt pic.twitter.com/Gd6IrNLT3e

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

UK heatwave particularly dangerous for homeless people

Charities ask public to donate sunscreen, water and hats directly or through a shelter

Charities have said that the heatwave in the UK is particularly dangerous for homeless people after the Met Office said continued exposure to the scorching heat could pose a potential risk to life and advised people to take extra precautions.

With temperatures in some parts of the country expected to hit 30C (86F) on Sunday, charities have called on the public to donate sunscreen and water to people sleeping on the streets.

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

Child homelessness in England at highest level since 2007

123,130 children were in temporary accommodation in first quarter of 2018 – an increase of nearly 80% since 2011

The number of homeless children and older people in temporary accommodation has reached the highest level since the global financial crisis in 2007, government figures show.

A total of 123,130 children were housed in temporary accommodation in England in the first quarter of 2018, an increase of nearly 80% since 2011. The number of people accepted as homeless over the age of 60 has increased by 40% in the last year, reaching 2,520. There has also been a significant rise in the number of homeless single parents.

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

Amid Canada’s housing crisis, to live in a coffee shop isn't all that unusual

The death of a man living in a Tim Hortons shocked Vancouver – but from seniors in shelters to millennials in motorhomes and Chinese families leaving Chinatown, the housing crisis is affecting everyone

A middle-aged man in gold chains and Adidas shorts is yelling loudly into a phone about “politically correct maggots” and making racist slurs. Another man, wearing black dress shoes with a leather jacket, sleeps facedown on a table, raising his head periodically in his sleep and puckering his lips. Neither arouses any obvious interest from the other customers.

It is not surprising that a permanently homeless man would feel as though he could blend into this Vancouver branch of Tim Hortons, a 24-hour donut and coffee shop, at all hours. This is where Ted came every day for 10 years. Staff members and regulars alike knew his rolling suitcase, his handlebar mustache and his scowling disposition. It was not unusual to find him sleeping in the restaurant.

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This is supposed to be Canada. Shouldn’t we be held to a higher standard in these issues of homelessness?

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

Teachers on charity: ‘It was humbling. I never thought it would happen to me’

A Victorian charity is awarding more grants to homeless and hungry teachers than in its entire 141-year history

Natalie Goodman, a teaching assistant, had been struggling to buy food for more than a month by the time someone at her school noticed. “I couldn’t afford to eat. I didn’t have money for food. I would come home from school and sit in my flat and worry about paying my rent.”

It was her sudden weight loss – more than a stone in four weeks – that prompted a colleague to ask whether she was OK. Her landlord had sent her an eviction letter to leave the flat that had been her home for 19 years.

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness