Homeless Beanies

Homeless Beanies is a social enterprise that aims to provide opportunities for people who are homeless or long-term unemployed to learn, earn and work their way out of poverty. The Homeless Beanies Enterprise Hub provides homeless, newly housed and long-term unemployed people with the opportunities to become self employed within a Homeless Beanies Enterprise.

The idea grew from our original ‘knitted’ social enterprise, based around beanie hats. The idea is simple:

  • People knit and donate beanie hats.
  • We make half of the beanies available to buy.
  • People buy beanies.
  • For every beanie sold, we distribute a beanie to somebody who needs it, through our Winter Shelter, or our Warm Homes Healthy People project.
  • The money raised from sales of beanies also goes to help homeless and destitute individuals.

We’re currently building a network of partner organisations and individuals as we prepare to launch Homeless Coffee Beanies and a number of other initiatives. Find out more on the Homeless Beanies website.

How can you get involved?

Simply purchase a beanie from the Homeless Beanies shop, and know that not only will you look great this winter, but you are also helping people on the streets to keep warm and healthy.

If you’re a keen knitter, why not knit us a beanie or two – we’re looking for designs that are creative, fun or funky – or just plain warm – so why not give it a go. Send your beanies to us at the Storehouse, or visit the Homeless Beanies website for more information.