The radical solution to homelessness: no-strings homes | Aditya Chakraborrty

Under Housing First, rough sleepers are treated as if they deserve a roof over their head rather than being made to earn it

Bruce spits out his stories in fragments not sentences. Dates are missing, details go awol. But you listen anyway because he’s got some tales, and he knows it. Like the one about the time he died. Steaming drunk, he’d been arrested. Back then, Bruce would drink or take anything he could get his hands on. Methylated spirit and aftershave. Tranquillisers and magic mushrooms. He’d sniff petrol and glue, which made him feel “like a rubber band”.

This time, he’d drunk so much he fell unconscious in a Staffordshire police station and “swallowed my tongue”. He stopped breathing, the vital signs went, and for a while they thought he was dead: “Paramedics brought me round in A&E.” Lazarus showed neither gratitude nor wisdom. “I was violent, so I got rearrested.” Years later, the memory makes him cackle.

Detox units took him in – then lobbed him back into his old world, where he could start drinking all over again

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Source: The Guardian: Homelessness

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